When Ellie was two years old I already started to put her on ponies. I knew I wanted her to show but there were no “Show Bows” that looked like the ones that existed in my mind. So we started making them on our Kitchen table. On a hunch, I called Jill over at “Malvern Saddlery”. She ended up buying every single set we had made. I knew we had something very special. At that moment “Ellie’s Bows” was born. We were the very first hair bow maker on the Equestrian scene six years ago. My idea was as Ellie grew up, we could add products and accessories that would fit her age group and all girl riders. Well now, she is 8 yrs old. We have gone from Hair Bows, to accessories, and now to apparel.

Our ” Young Riders Collection” which is made for the tiny 3 year-old to 8 year-old rider is super popular due to matching fabric on sleeves, velcro collar, and super comfortable, machine washable, no-iron cotton shirt. The matching material belts are also super cute and are a favorite with the kids. In 2017, we will reveal our new ” Eq. Polo” and super cool new belts. As always we are constantly adding to our line. We welcome you to become part of our riding family.

We love to hear from all of our customers and want to carry the products that you want to buy! We are always open to ideas! We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to us! Also send us pictures with your Ellies Bows, Accessories, or Apparel !!! Thank you for buying our products and we wish you all the very best in the show ring and out!